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President's Corner
The theme of this year's Association of Graduates Alumni Leaders Conference, held August 11-14 at West Point, was “Engaging Every Heart in Gray.” Communications is always an area of emphasis at these conferences, which are sponsored by the Class of 1967, but this year's was particularly focused on reaching out to the full spectrum of graduates.

Generational differences and social media were addressed early in the conference, and these two subjects tended to be woven throughout the rest of the conference. Prof. Michael Meeks of San Francisco State University pointed to studies that show attitude differences between generations and how leadership and work ethic differ between generations.

While the basic premise of Dr. Meeks' presentation was hardly new, it took on an added dimension when coupled with the ongoing social media revolution resulting from the use of personal computers and smart phone communications. LTC Brian Tribus '92, West Point Director of Communications, made it clear that cadets take full advantage of this new technology.

I suspect that many of us who graduated before 1990, and even some after, find the social media revolution a bit foreign, if not uncomfortable. An insightful observation by Dr. Meeks, which has also been observed by our Commander in Chief, is that technology can interfere with our ability to focus on things that really matter, and “make us stupid.” Old grads, especially, seemed to like hearing this.

Our lunch speakers also addressed communications and social media. COL MaryAnn Cummings '82, Commander, Defense Media Activity – Army, talked about engaging soldiers and their families through media on Thursday. Friday's lunch speaker, LTC Pete Kilner '90 shared his experiences in using social media to begin an online leadership forum for company commanders and platoon leaders while in-theater. This exchange of “best practices” in real time allowed the immediate application of shared knowledge and techniques in the field, saving lives.

The Commandant, BG Bill Rapp '84, discussed the state of military training for the Corps of Cadet and introduced a panel of officers from the Tactical Department. The Dean, COL(P) Tim Trainor '83, discussed the upcoming academic year and introduced a panel of academic department heads. Both panels fielded questions from the conference attendees.

The Chairman of the AOG Board of Directors, Jodie Glore '69, and AOG Executive Director Bob McClure '76 were present throughout the conference. Chairman Glore pointed out that this was the first Leader's Conference at which the entire membership of the Board of Directors and all Class and Regional Society Advisors were present.

Fundraising for West Point and the AOG was not ignored. West Point Director of Academy Advancement, COL Todd Browne '85 and AOG Vice President of Development, Kristin Sorenson, discussed the ongoing “For Us All” campaign that sets specific fundraising goals for West Point and the AOG.

It was interesting to learn that the AOG is the only organization authorized to raise funds for USMA, and in this regard its role is different than alumni organizations of the other service academies. AOG Executive Director, Bob McClure '76, noted that steps had been taken to prevent the reduction of federal dollars as fundraising increased. AOG Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jodie Glore '69, pointed out that the types of activities for which most donated funds are used are not part of the budget that is federally funded.

The most spirited discussion of the conference occurred while discussing admission. The Director of Admissions, COL Deborah McDonald, presented the Academy‟s program for recruiting the best candidates for West Point. It was observed that the country is experiencing a crisis in regard to education for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), but COL McDonald assured us that this was not causing a problem in recruiting and getting qualified candidates. A conference attendee asked that if standards were being lowered to meet recruiting goals, and COL McDonald said that they were not. However, she also noted that there was a sliding scale when it comes to meeting diversity goals.

We then broke out into recruiting regions. MAJ Mark R. McClellan is the Commander for the Southwest Region in which Colorado is located.
With the draw down in the Military Academy Liaison Officer (MALO) program, more is being ask of grads and societies to provide volunteers in recruiting for USMA. He can be reached at 845-938-5717 or

The Superintendent, LTG David Huntoon '73, was the guest speaker at the Alumni Leaders Dinner Friday evening. While LTG Huntoon had only been in his position for three weeks, he shared his experience with New Cadets during the Cadet Basic Training March Back from Lake Frederick on 7 August. Many of you have already viewed the FOX News Channel's interview with LTG Huntoon that appeared on 13 August. In case you did not, or would like to see it again, here's the link:

The Acceptance Day Parade on Saturday was a highlight of the conference, as usual. But for me, personally, the Colorado Parents Club Picnic after the parade was especially enjoyable. It was an opportunity to speak with many cadets and their parents.

Board member, Bob Walcott '78, was at the picnic, as was his son, Alex, who is a Firstie.
Past board members, WPSD life member, and past-president of the Colorado Parents Club, Jerry Miller'73 and his wife Claire attended as well. Now living in Highland Falls, they continue to support Colorado organizations. On behalf of the Society, my thanks go to Jerry and Claire for graciously providing their home as a place to stay, and once again making the Alumni Leaders Conference a most enjoyable experience.
You can go to the following web site: to view the slides for the conference presentations.

By Sam Thiessen

Colorado Parent's Club
 By Bob Walcott '78
The West Point Parent‟s Club of Colorado (WPPCCO) hosted its Annual Send Off of the Class of 2014. More than a dozen Colorado Cadet Candidates and their families attended a lunch meeting at the Wings Over The Rockies Aerospace Museum at Lowery on 13 June. In addition to parental advice from battle hardened upper class parents, the new West Point families were treated to inspirational remarks from BG(Ret) Anthony Trifiletti '64, marking the first time a member of the 50 Year Class has attended our Colorado Send Off. Also addressing the group was Steve Shambach '74, President of the Pikes Peak WPS, representing the AOG and LTC Monrad Monsen (USAR) '84, Colorado State Admissions Coordinator. In a break out session, several cadets home on leave relayed the ground truth about R Day and Beast Barracks to our new candidates.

Kerry Bleikamp (Kyle '13), WPPCCO Vice President, hosted our Surviving Beast meeting on 10 July at the Clement Park Library in Littleton, attended by seven New Cadet families and an equal number of upper class families. Two upper class cadets were also present, to shed some light on the mysteries of Beast Barracks to the New Cadet parents. Additionally WPPCCO‟s Summer Social was enjoyed by over 30 members on 7 August, at Cindy and Tom Hodel‟s (Marc'10) residence in Lakewood.

On 14 August WPPCCO organized an Acceptance Day Picnic on the banks of the Hudson near South Dock. Seven newly promoted Plebes and their families attended the event, along with Denver Society President Sam Thiessen '73 and Jerry Miller '73, both of whom got up at O-Dark-30 the day before to reserve our prime location.

Upcoming WPPCCO events include a Boodle Exchange hosted by Laurie Walcott (Alex '11) on 25 September and a Surviving Graduation Briefing & Discussion hosted by Cindy and Tom Hodel (Marc ‘10) of Lakewood in October. Finally, Upcoming WPPCCO events include a Boodle Exchange hosted by Laurie Walcott (Alex '11) on 25 September and a Surviving Graduation Briefing & Discussion hosted by Cindy and Tom Hodel (Marc '10) of Lakewood in October. Finally, WPPCCO‟s signature event of the year, the Annual Colorado All Service Academy Ball, is scheduled for Monday, 27 December at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. WPPCCO is hosting this year, so we are assured of a West Point grad as guest speaker.

WPSD On-Line!
By Dave Jackson '73
 If you‟re the on-line kind of person, then Join us on Search “West Point Denver” & find our group page. Then Join! It will bring events, info, & society news right to your Facebook homepage and it is open to everyone.
Also on-line, for current Dues paying members of the WPSD, we‟ve got some Google Docs available for you. Currently, we've got society rosters, by class & by name. More to follow (suggestions welcome). To access the Google Docs, you‟ll need a gmail account (free). Link your normal e-mail address to it under settings. We're controlling access via your WPSD on-file e-mail address.
Coming soon:
From the Pres.
From the Board
WP Current events
The Newsletter
A feedback & comment blog
Questions, comments, suggestions about our on-line presence, contact me: Dave Jackson

Army vs. Air Force Watch Party
Join us to watch Army defeat Air Force on 6 November at the Fox and Hound at Park Meadows. We will begin tailgaiting at 11 with kickoff at noon. Drink specials and buffet will be available.

Congressional Military Admissions Panel
Bruce Miller '63
WPSD wants to increase participation of West Point Graduates on Senatorial and House academy nominating panels. Send an email, if you have not already done so, to Bruce Miller '63 at Clearly state if you have served or if you have already been notified that you are going serve on a panel this fall. Identify the congress member or senator. Panels are normally conducted on weekends before Thanksgiving and include candidates for all service academies except USCG. Make sure to state if you are willing to serve on panels outside Denver in places like Grand Junction, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Durango.

Academy BizNet
The purpose of the BizNet is to support the personal and professional goals of graduates of all the Service Academies through networking, job assistance, advice, and contacts.
The group meets at 7 am every Tuesday morning at the Denver Tech Center Marriott Hotel, (Belleview and Syracuse - take the Belleview exit off I-25). The group welcomes all Academy Grads.

Academy Golf Victory!
Congratulations goes to Matt White, Bill Sumner, Joel Martin, and Pete Mangold for taking first place for the third consecutive year at the annual All Academy Golf Tournament.
Joel Martin '02
Admissions Update
Bob Walcott '78
A final total of 21 Colorado Cadet Candidates reported to R Day on 28 June, joining approximately 1300 other candidates to form the Class of 2014. The Colorado Admissions Field Force is now fully focused on the Class of 2015, with 108 open application files in the four congressional district (1st, 2nd, 6th & 7th) Denver metro area. Colorado Congressional and Senatorial nomination application deadlines all fall between mid-September and early November, so encourage candidates you may know to get that completed. The fall is also prime time for the Admissions Field Force to conduct candidate interviews. The Admissions Committee back at USMA will begin reviewing completed files and making offers of Appointment in October.

Hails and Farewells
We currently have 914 members in the area.
210 are Dues paying members
48 are Lifetime members
50 are Honorary members (widows)

David Thompson 74 VA
Mark Johnson 85 PA
David Barnes 90 VT
Jon Kluck 00 PA
Travis Cole 02 GA
Levin Dyer 85 AR
Francis Weiss 73 TX

Arthur Lozano 45
Gerald Wojciehoski 47
Ken Dolson 62
Richard Sklar 62
Charles Harris 66
Bruce Brown 68
John Hightower 77
Brian Hughes 77
Gerald Nelson 77
Eugene Wardynski 80
Joseph Verser 83
Randy Dasalla 84
Scott Field 88
Jeff Kimes 88
Tom Lavelle, Jr 88
Bret Garrett 89
Michael Jackson 90
Johannes Paraan 91
Ton Prescott 91
Andrew Ulrich 91
Jim Forbes 92
John Bittner 93
Luke Dodds 93
Laura Knapp 94
Jason Padilla 94
Jeannine Koehler 95
John Koeler 95
Scott Spurrier 98
David Allen 99
Jack Emmons 00
Richard Hartney III 00
Ryan Taylor 00
Mark McNamara 01
Crosby Toyama 01
Christian Walker 01
Todd Smutz 02

Board of Directors
West Point Society of Denver

Serve To 2011                    Serve To 2012                             Serve To 2013
Lou Schroeder '59            Lindy Blackburn '69                        Sam Thiessen '73
Bruce Miller '63               Dave Jackson '73                           John Greiman '81
Robby Robinson '68        Steve Best '76                                Dan Young '94
Chris Petty''87                 Bob Walcott '78                             Amy Efaw '89
Joel Martin '02                Mary St. Onge '02                          Mike Lewis '90

President             Sam Thiessen
Vice President     Lindy Blackburn
Secretary            Mary St. Onge
Treasurer            Dave Jackson
Chuck Jones ‟68 Ex-Officio Immediate Past-President

Special October Event!
 The WPSD program for the fourth quarter of 2010 will be an Art Exhibit and Book Signing at Saks Galleries - Cherry Creek, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 20th. Tom Petrie '67 will be featuring his military art collection, and Rich Adams '67 will present his new book, The Parting: A Story of West Point on the Eve of the Civil War. Tom has an outstanding collection of Nineteenth Century Military and Western American subjects. If you have seen his collection, which was featured at the Denver Art Museum in 2002 as part of the West Point Bicentennial Celebration, you know it's well worth viewing again. If you haven't seen it, I can say from experience that you will find the works more than interesting. Rich's new book looks to be a naturally good read for West Point grads, as you can tell from the title alone. Rich will be giving an introduction to his latest work and answering questions, with books available onsite. A short description of the book is below.

Story Description
It is July 18, 1861 near Winchester, Virginia. The Civil War has begun, and Confederate Lieutenant John Pelham, formerly of the West Point Class of 1861, is about to confront his former classmates and best friends at the First Battle of Bull Run.
The confident Pelham bears little resemblance to the seventeen-year-old who journeyed alone five years earlier from Jacksonville, Alabama, to West Point, New York, to enter the United States Military Academy. As the class begins its final year, Pelham meets Clara Bolton, a Philadelphian belle who captures his heart. In the months that follow, Pelham, Clara, and the Class of 1861 witness the unraveling of the Union and the birth of the Confederacy against the political backdrop of slavery and states' rights, the Democratic and Republican Parties, the fire-eaters of the South, and the abolitionists of the North.
The book's cover artwork is adapted from the painting Encampment on the Plain, by William Guy Wall, 1862, courtesy of the personal art collection of Thomas Petrie (West Point Class of 1967). Superimposed on the painting are cameo photographs of John Pelham and Edmond (Ned) Kirby, West Point classmates and best friends.
To a very great extent, The Parting authentically defines the Victorian world of West Point and embodies characters who are real and whose personalities and relationships are based on non-fictional sources. The principal protagonist, John Pelham, one of Alabama's most lauded sons, is the most popular man in his class, though not much inclined to follow Academy rules. Other cadet characters include Edmond Kirby (New York), Henry du Pont (Delaware), Thomas Rosser (Texas), George Custer (Ohio), Adelbert Ames (Maine), Nathaniel Chambliss (Tennessee), Charles Patterson (Arkansas), Henry Walter Kingsbury (Connecticut), Emory Upton (New York), Charles Hazlett (Ohio), Patrick O'Rorke (New York), Charles Ball (Alabama), and Henry Farley (South Carolina).
Woven into the story are the Academy's military and academic leadership, Jefferson Davis's ties to West Point, the venerable General Winfield Scott, the first-ever visit to North America by British Royalty culminating in an appearance at West Point, and the legendary tavern keeper and thorn in the Academy's side, Benny Havens.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

DENVER WEST POINTER - May 2010 Newsletter

President’s Corner
Graduating class of 2010
Admissions Update
Colorado Parent’s Club
Tri-Service Golf Tournament
Membership and Hails and Farewells
Board of Directors
Tribute to a Fighter Pilot
HomeAid helps Miilitary Veterans
President's Corner
LTG David H. Huntoon, Class of 1973, will soon assume his duties as the 58th Superintendent of the United States Military Academy, and I could not be more pleased about a classmate‟s success. I know Dave well, and can tell you that West Point will have a most capable person joining the long line of leaders in the position that Sylvanus Thayer defined.
I could use this good news as an excuse to avoid writing about giving to West Point, but my guess is that the Supe, no matter who he or she is, would prefer I address it. So I will.
At our meeting of past presidents of the WPS of Denver last January, the subject of giving to USMA came up. Attendees at that meeting recognized that this is a relatively new phenomenon that kicked into high gear during the early-mid 1990‟s. LTG Daniel Christman „65 was the Superintendent who I recall as first making a hard pitch for alumni to contribute money to the Academy, during his visit to our Founders Day Dinner in 1996.
But in fact, the movement to “wean” all service academies off of a certain amount of federal funding began with new statutory restrictions on the use of DoD Morale, Welfare, and Recreation funds in the late 1970s. This had a direct impact on clubs and some interscholastic activities at the academies. Inasmuch as many of these activities are important to the leadership programs at service academies, probably much more than they are to state and private colleges and universities, it fell to the alumni to fill the gap.

West Point alumni have been doing this to great effect, and it shows, at least in the public‟s eyes. The quality of the USMA academic and leadership program is well recognized, as recent Forbes and U.S. News & World Report magazine articles have documented.
We can pat ourselves on the back as a group for our organizational giving. But I suspect that not all of us are sanguine about this drive to privately fund a federal service academy, which is, after all, quite a bit different than a state or private institution. I will include myself in this group, as I am a bit embarrassed to admit to myself that I have given more to my grad school, The University of Iowa, than I have to USMA; though it cannot be said that the latter has given me more than the former.
It has been noted by some that, because the service academies are not fully funded by the federal government, they are now “federally sponsored” institutions, much as so-called state universities are state sponsored, while relying heavily upon alumni contributions, just as do private institutions. Harvard University is the private school held up as the “gold standard” in this regard.
Indeed, the Corps has changed greatly over the past 30-35 years and private funds giving has been a big part of that change. I wonder if giving is more of an effect than it is a cause of the change, but there is little doubt that this practice is a step toward being more like state and private institutions in the way the U.S. service academies are funded.
Some might say that alumni giving has changed the character of the academies, at least somewhat, but we can look at military schools like The Citadel, Norwich University, and VMI, and see that private funding has not harmed the character of these institutions. On the contrary, it has helped them thrive.
West Point Societies have been around longer than wide spread alumni giving to USMA. They are not intended to be fund raising mechanisms for the Academy, and I hope it stays this way. However, I also think that alumni giving is a good thing, and that societies should generally encourage it.
Efforts by West Point and the Association of Graduates to raise money should not be thwarted, but neither should societies harangue their members to give. This being said, we can be sure that fundraising is now among the duties of USMA Superintendents - a concern that Douglas MacArthur did not have.
Congratulations to Dave Huntoon on his upcoming assignment. And many thanks to LTG Franklin “Buster” Hagenbeck ‟71 for his many years of faithful service to the Army, and particularly for his service as the 57th Superintendent of the United States Military Academy.
May 2010
By Sam Thiessen

West Point Graduation
By Joel Martin
On May 22nd 1,002 West Point cadets were commissioned as second lieutenants. The class motto is “Loyal 'Til The End” and they began with 1,311 new cadets. This is West Point‟s 212th graduating class and the 31st class to graduate with women. The class of 2010 has 75 cadets who are sons or daughters graduates.

Admissions Update
By Bob Walcott '78
A total of 19 Colorado candidates have accepted offers as of the first week of May. The Colorado Admissions Field Force is hopeful that one or two more acceptances will come in before R Day, on 28 June 2010. Still, the total is down a couple from the post 9/11 yearly state average. This may, in part, be a result of an unusually high acceptance rate of Letters of Assurance (contingent offers early in the cycle) that favored other regions. Overall however, the academy will be admitting the largest class in many years, with approximately 1,400 Cadet Candidates expected at R Day.

Academy BizNet
The purpose of the BizNet is to support the personal and professional goals of graduates of all the Service Academies through networking, job assistance, advice, and contacts.
The group meets at 7 am every Tuesday morning at the Denver Tech Center Marriott Hotel, (Belleview and Syracuse - take the Belleview exit off I-25). The group welcomes all Academy Grads.

Colorado Parent's Club
By Bob Walcott '78
Jerry and Robyn Dodson (Richard „12) have stepped up as the Presidents of the West Point Parents‟ Club of Colorado. Jerry and Robyn represented over 80 Colorado cadet families at the annual Parents‟ Club Conference at USMA in April.
The next major WPPCCO event is the annual Send Off picnic for the Class of 2014 Cadet Candidates and their families. The Send Off will be held at the Wings Over The Rockies Aerospace Museum at Lowery at 1:00PM on Sunday, June 13th. Several cadets home on leave will speak to the candidates about R Day and Beast Barracks, while battle hardened parents will coach the rookie parents about things like boodle, dragging, walking the area and the ups and downs of cadet moral.
The Parents‟ Club will be enriched by several more Colorado ole‟ grads whose children will join the Class of 2014. Alexandra Efaw, daughter of Amy and Andy Efaw (both „89) and Brian Petty, son of COL Chris Petty („87) and his wife Beth.
Other upcoming WPPCCO events include a Beast Survival Meeting in July (mostly for New Cadet parents), and in August an Acceptance Day Picnic at West Point and a Summer Social here in Denver.

Tri-Service Golf Tournament
The Annual Service Academy Golf Tournament is the highlight of the year for Service Academy Alumni golfers and their guests. The tournament will be contested on June 18th at the Air Force Academy‟s Silver Course. The shotgun start for the foursome scramble formation is 0800 and lunch will be served at approximately 1300. Army is the two year defending champions and we plan on a three-peat. At stake is the Gilbert F. Rindahl Trophy, symbolic of golf “supremacy” among the Service Academy Alumni Organizations of Colorado. The Trophy is named in memory of Gilbert F. Rindahl, USNA ‟53, an avid golfer and an originator of the golf tournament competition in Colorado.
Please return the attached form via email or snail mail with checks payable to the West Point Society of Denver to enter the tournament.

By Joel Martin

Hails and Farewells
The WPSD currently has 208 paid members.
Hails: we welcome to the Denver area Michelle Arnold ( Highlands Ranch ‟05); Thomas Beierschmitt (Denver ‟03); Joseph Jaremko (Loveland ‟73); Kumar Kibble ( Highlands Ranch ‟90); Rev C. McCune (Denver ‟94); James Shinn (Denver ‟91); Chris Swenson (Parker ‟93); Michael Timlin III (Littleton ‟80); Michael Vineyard (Northglenn ‟99); & Troy Zeidman (Monument ‟98).
Farewells: Grads that have left the Denver area: Jennifer Charron; Joseph Ryan; Rob‟t Hartley; Minoru Sorensen; Ron Stauffenberg; & Salvatore Tortora. Just in under the wire, we‟re notified that Jay Bridge has left Denver. We offer special thanks to Jay for the 15 years service on the Society Board as Treasurer.

Board of Directors
West Point Society of Denver

Serve To 2011                Serve To 2012                          Serve To 2013
Lou Schroeder '59          Lindy Blackburn 69                   Sam Thiessen '73
Bruce Miller '63              Dave Jackson '73                      John Greiman '81
Robby Robinson '68       Steve Best 76                            Dan Young '94
Chris Petty '87                Bob Walcott „'78                      Amy Efaw '89
Joel Martin '02                Mary St. Onge '02                    Mike Lewis „90

Jay Bridge is moving to Phoenix, taking a new work assignment there. He had been our Treasurer for more than 15 years, and he is recognized by many as a long and dedicated mainstay of the society. Jay will be greatly missed. We wish him all the best in his new assignment. If you want to contact Jay the his email is:

President Sam Thiessen
Vice President Lindy Blackburn
Secretary Mary St. Onge
Treasurer Dave Jackson
Jones ‟68 Ex-Officio Immediate Past-President

Congressional Military Admissions Panel
We are seeking members to sit on Congressional Military Academy Admissions Panels later this year. If you are interested, or would like to learn more about this activity, please contact Bruce Miller via email at or by phone at 303-2207275.

Be Thou At Peace
Earl Dye „46 passed away Saturday May 22nd. The funeral ceremony will be at Christ Episcopal Church at University and Bate in Denver on Friday 11:00 June 4, 2010. There will be a reception following the service in the church hall. Burial will be at Fort Logan National Cemetery following the reception. There are 328 living members from the original 875 graduate of the class of 1946.
Thomas F. Carroll ‟61 passed away on May 16th at the tender age of 70.

-- A Sierra Hotel Salute to Robin Olds --
Robin Olds, Army '43, will be honored in a special program at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum on Friday evening, August 20th. Olds is widely considered one of the finest and most famous fighter pilots in history.
A committee of friends and fellow pilots are planning to re-create an old-fashioned Friday night O'Club atmosphere, surrounded by the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom, Republic F-105 Thunderchief and other aircraft of the Vietnam War. Olds flew the F-4 in 152 missions as commander of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, achieving 4 aerial victories, making him a "triple ace" when added to his 12 WWII victories in P-38 Lightnings and P-51 Mustangs.
Olds died in 2007, but his life is memorialized in a recent book, "Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds," by co-authors Christina Olds and Ed Rasimus. Daughter Christina and Rasimus will be at the Tribute event. The book has received widespread critical acclaim, re-counting Olds' West Point days, wartime exploits, unique leadership style and colorful personal life.
Olds returned from Southeast Asia to become Commandant of Cadets at the Air Force Academy. The Air Force Association of Graduates is also helping to plan the event. Olds retired in Steamboat Springs.
Wings Over the Rockies is Colorado's Official Air & Space Museum, boasting over three dozen military and civil aircraft, primarily of the Cold War era. It is located in Hangar One of the former Lowry Air Force Base in east Denver.
Mark your calendars and look for a memorable evening on August 20th. Toasts and roasts will be the order of the evening. Cocktails and heavy hors d'oeurves will be served. As planning progresses, details will be available on the Wings website,, or by calling 303-360-5360.

HomeAid Colorado Supports Local Military Veterans
Ben Carter is class of ‟62 and on the Board of Directors for HomeAid Colorado to give temporary homeless a second chance. This year, they are focusing on veterans.
Volunteers of America: is a national non profit dedicated to helping those in need rebuild their lives and reach their full potential. Through more than 30 service programs VOA helps more than 200,000 Coloradoans each year. Since 1896 VOA has supported and empowered Colorado‟s most vulnerable groups including, at risk youth, the frail elderly, low-income families, homeless families and individuals, domestic violence victims, veterans and those seeking affordable housing.
This year VOA has initiated a new Veterans Service program serving homeless female veterans and their children and HomeAid Colorado is helping them to expand their program by building three new homes in Mayfair (current homes will be demolished). HomeAid will build one home each year for the next three years. The first home to be constructed in 2010 is described below:
Property Address: 1275-1295 Clermont St., Denver
Population Served: Homeless Female Veterans
Female Veterans suffering from PTSD,
Sexual Trauma
Physical injuries sustained while serving
Project Scope: Construct new two story single family home designed by Olson Architecture and constructed by Wonderland Homes, each house will have room for up to four female veterans and their children.
Project Value: Estimated cost of demolition, abatement, city fees, and construction of first house = $350,000
Groundbreaking and trade recruitment event June 18th
Estimated completion date December 2010